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At Kianco Energy Company, we believe solar power will be an important part of World's energy future – and we're making it accessible to our customers today!  Not only does choosing to install solar panels positively impact the environment, but it can contribute to reduced energy bills, helps to protect you against future increases in energy costs, and increase your home’s resale value.

Homeowners today have a variety of options when it comes to installing a solar array including   purchase, upfront pre-paid lease, no money down lease with monthly payments and bank loans, etc.

With electricity costs rising, solar is the smart alternative. Not only could it make a difference to your power bills, it will help reduce your impact on the environment too.

Active solar energy systems typically involve some form of solar panels. The panels are oriented to maximize exposure to the sun. Depending on the system, the panels will then either directly convert sunlight to electricity, which is then transformed from direct current electricity to alternate current electricity and stored in batteries or fed into the grid system of the local utility. Active systems are more expensive and complex.

Solar energy has numerous advantages over other energy platforms. It is produces no pollution, requires little maintenance and comes with significant financial incentives in the form of tax deductions, tax credits and rebates from manufactures. In a majority of states, solar energy can also be sold back to utilities per a concept known as net metering. This reduces the need for batteries and significantly cuts utility bills. 

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